Folded Dimensions: 99mm X 228mm (approximately 3 3/4" X 9"}
Open Dimensions: 608mm X 980 mm (approximately 24" X 38 1/2")
Date Location: Corner of Map
Cover Description: Watercolor of urban and park scnes -  the cover has a white background with whimsical drawings of Esso customers enjoying the sites of Toronto. Noticible in the illustrations are the bandshell at the C.N.E., a peanut and porpcorn vendor's wagon, two convertible automobiles of the era, a lady and children walking a dog, a monument with seagulls flying about ready to soil it and buildings resembling a portion of a historic roofline.  The Esso company logo is top and center of the cover.
Date Code:  None
Scale: Ontario map - 0.6 miles = 1"
Main Legend Side Features: Large map of Metropolitan Toronto
Opposite Side Features: Street index, inset maps of Downtown Toronto and district map of Toronto and vicinity.
Other: Copyright Rolph, Clark, Stone.
Note: More water color image on rear cover.
Acknowledgement:  Thanks to Ian Byrne of the Road Map Collectors Assocation and of his own fine map site -  for supplying the information and scans of this map from his collection. 

62 Toronto Cover