Folded Dimensions: 90mm X 224mm (approximately 3 1/2" X 8 3/4"}
Open Dimensions: 535mm X 896 mm (approximately 21" X 35")
Date Location: Cover
Cover Description: Red & Black cover with the Red Indian logo on the top over a field of white.  The title is over red and black triangles along with the year of publication.  The company name is across the bottom.
Date Code:  W3949 (Quebec), W3950 (Ontario), 4048-3961 (hard to read), Maritimes
Scale: Ontario map - 16 miles = 1"
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Ontario, small maps of Toronto and Montreal, Mileage Chart
Opposite Side Features: Maps of Quebec and Martimes, Small inset map of Laurentide area. 
Other: Copyright Rand McNally, Lithographed in Canada by Monteral Lithographing Limited.  
Note: Martimes and Quebec maps carry the message; "Use of this drawing is granted by the Texas Company"; Side folded
Acknowledgement:  Thanks to Ian Byrne of the Road Map Collectors Assocation and of his own fine map site -  for supplying the information and scans of this map from his collection. 

42 cover



42 Red Indian Rear