Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 18" X 26.5"
Date Location: Date Code located in the lower left corner of map in Lake Erie
Date Code: 358-J-11-CC (CC=1955)
Cover Description: The main background color of this cover is blue.  The title appears in white across the top of the cover and a Reliance sign hangs proudly below.  A drawing below shows a lady in the rear seat of a car smiling as she looks at the service attendant with nozzle in hand.  The slogan " You Can Rely on Reliance" is centered on the cover.
Main Legend Side Features: Map of southern Ontario, Index to Lakes, Title/Legend, Credit Card Information, Morning Checkup, Index of Towns, Villages and Cities.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario with Index to Lakes, Index to towns, villages and cities, Title/Legend, Mileage Chart, Smaller maps of Muskoka, Kitchener,Windsor, Toronto, London & Hamliton, Front Cover. 
Other: Copyright by the H.M. Goshua Company, Chicago, San Jose.  Lithographed in Canada.

1955 Cover
                      1955 Rear Cover
1955 Credit Card
1955 Date Code
1955 North Legend
1955 Legend