Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 30.5" W X 18 " H
Date Location:
Cover Description: Cream background top two thirds of the cover; a yellow stripe separates a red area across the bottom.  A large Shell logo predominates the cover.  "SHELL" is across the top of the cover in red with "Ontario" below.  A clear section is provided in red area for the addition of a dealer stamp.
Date Code: 
Scale: Southern Ontario 1" = 18.5 Miles
           Northern Ontario 1" = 34 Miles
Main Legend Side Features: 
Opposite Side Features: 
Other: There is a gold star in the top left corner of the cover.
Note: Thanks to John Buckberrough for sharing this map from his collection.

60 Shell Ottawa Cover
60 Shell REar