Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 18" X 34.5"
Date Location: Lower edge of Lake Erie in form of Date Code
Cover Description: White bar across the top bearing the province's name - a compass star divides the cover into four colored sections each with a photograph.  The blue area shows snowmobiles, the red area - a boat, the yellow area - a family eating a picnic near a trailer and the green - an overview of traffic on a highway
Date Code: SS-2 562-J
Scale: Southern Ontario Inch - 1" = Approximately 18 Miles
            Northern Ontario Inch - 1" = Approximately 39 Miles
Main Legend Side Features: Front and Rear Covers, Map of Southern Ontario, Inset maps of London, North Bay Area, Windsor, Kitchener, Title/Legend, Ontario Towns and Cities Index, Points of Interest, Mileage Table, 
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario, Municipal maps of Ottawa, Hamilton, Brantford, Kingston, Central Toronto, Toronto & Vicinity, Niagara area, Public recreation Areas, Tourist Regulations, Index to Lakes Northern Ontario Title/Legend
Other: Copyright in Canada by Grant-Mann Lithographers, Vancouver, Canada

1971 Cover
1971 Rear Cover
1971 Southern Title
1971 Date Code
Date Code
1971 Northern Title