Folded Dimensions: 3.75" X 8.5"
Open Dimensions: 25" H X 37" W
Date Location: Legend
Cover Description: A white cover with the AAA and CAA logo along the top and the title below in purple.  Below the title is a photograph of colored trees in the fall.  Below the picture is a list of municipalities and areas included on the map.  The internet web site address is in the bottom right.
Date Code: 
Scale: 1" = 13 Miles 
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario, Front & Rear Cover, Legend, Maps of Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls Area, Hamilton, Detroit/Windsor.
Opposite Side Features: Index  of Ontario Villages, Towns and Cities, Legend, Driving Distances Map, Toll Locations, maps of Thunder Bay, Sudbury, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie.  map of Northern Ontario.
Note: Published by the American Automobile Association, Heathrow, Florida, 32746

Rear Cover