Folded Dimensions: 105mm X 228mm (approximately 4" X 9"}
Open Dimensions: 457mm X 735 mm (approximately 18" X 29")
Date Location: In Legend
Cover DescriptionNormal Marathon design for out of marketing area maps.  Pinkish background with title across the top and a large Marathon pole mounted sign near the center of the cover. On the pole are three smaller signs with directions for different sites and your Marathon Dealer.
Date Code: Ontario 5-5207-19; Quebec 5-5208-18
Scale: Ontario map - 20.3 miles = 1" (on both sides)
Main Legend Side Features: Ontario; small maps of Toronto & Ottawa; Around Lake Superior
Opposite Side Features: Quebec; Northeastern Ontario/Western Quebec; inset map of Gasp√© Pensinsula 
Other: Copyright Rand McNally
NoteTwo color printing (red & black); note no inset map of Montreal
Acknowledgement:  Thanks to Ian Byrne of the Road Map Collectors Assocation and of his own fine map site -  for supplying the information and scans of this map from his collection. 


 65 Marathon Cover